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Ancaster Home Improvements - A Contractor's blueprint for a Successful Home Renovation

A successful home improvement project is the result of a well thought out design that meets your needs of daily living. At Karaf Design & Co. we pride ourselves on developing a caring relationship with each of our Ancaster clients to warrant their trust and gain confidence in our ability to make their dream renovation a beautiful reality.

Photo of a renovated master bedroom in Ancaster

Many Ancaster homeowners are happy with their house and there are others who would like more from their home. Perhaps you are here because you are of the latter; if so, it's time for a transformation. This transformation can involve a single room, such as a family room renovation, master bedroom renovation, basement renovation, custom millwork or a complete home improvement.

With more thoughtfulness and awareness of what is possible we can design home renovations that are truly meaningful, distinctive and timeless. They present an honest and dignified face to the community, arrange rooms to make domestic life convenient and comfortable, and are sensuously and emotionally satisfying inside and out.

Better understanding of houses leads to better houses.
Older Ancaster homes have more character, more grace and more liveability. These houses we love are better proportioned (make more sense) and more elegant than those of newer houses.

There are three essential features of every distinctive home improvement/renovation that can have a lasting impact:

  • How the floor plan maximizes efficiency and comfort for today's living.
  • How the exterior elements are balanced and blend with the Ancaster neighbourhood.
  • How selected exterior and interior details, those parts of our homes that we live with most intimately, (custom millwork such as a finely crafted front door, exterior bolsters, shutters, staircase, fireplace mantles, cosy built-ins and special mouldings) convey an enduring sense of quality, care and thought.

Photo of a renovated family room in Ancaster

These three elements are not the only important considerations when designing and renovating a home, but I believe they are the most important. They work together and build on each other so that one seems to grow naturally out of the other and creates a sense of timelessness.

Spending a little extra time, thought and effort can transform a typical house on a seemingly boring lot into something extraordinary, a distinctive home improvement. The goal is to create a house that complements its surroundings in a way that suggests it belongs, today and into the future.

Photo of a remodeled basement in Ancaster

The arrangement of rooms (space)-the floor plan- is a critical element of a house and another instance in which many unique opportunities are wasted. A floor plan that fails to meet the basic needs of daily living undermines the success of any house design. There's a better way. It's worthwhile to take a step back and look at how most people live and then craft a floor plan to meet their needs. Contemporary living in Ancaster requires a contemporary plan, one that allows for a free-flowing informality among spaces and new functions, such as entertaining guests while simultaneously preparing meals.

What's more important: Comfort or Pleasure?
A good home improvement/renovation provides comfort, which isn't the same thing as pleasure. Comfort describes a sense of enjoyment, warmth, contentment, and, for some, a spiritual sense of well-being. Pleasure suggests entertainment, stimulation and convenience. Many houses provide entertaining appliances, such as Jacuzzis, or rooms aimed at specific types of pleasures-watching television, playing music or dining. To me, one of the goals of a house should be not just to provide pleasure but to achieve a higher level of all-encompassing satisfaction. Well-proportioned spaces, good light, and small but thoughtful details can elevate a home beyond mere pleasure.

Photo of custom millwork in Ancaster

The last of the three elements that can help you create a distinctive home improvement are the exterior and interior details, those parts of our homes that we live with most intimately. What detail should get this added layer of attention and craftsmanship? You decide. But if a home can boast just one detail that rises above the standard in Ancaster, it will be noticeable, and its effect will be far reaching, suggesting that time and care have gone into the rest of the house as well. The feel of a house can be uplifting or uninspiring on the basis of its details alone. More than any other element of a house, they express the aspirations and values of owners, because they exist privately and (sometimes) in unexpected places. Details are especially satisfying when they relate to other features of the house creating continuity throughout the home.

We need to look at houses as an integrated whole, where floor plan, exterior and details are considered simultaneously. It's a delicate balance, but the results are worth the extra effort, because a well-designed house will hold its appeal for generations, no matter what the style. As you see, it's all about the relationship, between the individual elements of a house and how well they relate to each other, and how well they relate to the needs of your daily living, which determines the quality of the whole and subsequent value.

Our professional team along with your inspirations and dreams will create a home improvement/renovation that is uniquely yours and enriches your lifestyle in Ancaster.

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