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Your home is a valuable investment. To make sure you maximize your investment and enjoyment of your home while you live in it, be sure to carefully consider the finer details of your home improvement/renovation project.

Many homeowners tend to focus on the big picture- elevations, floor plan layouts and room sizes -when the secret to creating real lasting value, comfort and enjoyment in your home is in the details. Don't trade the quality of the details-the style of mouldings and the way they are used, the style and scale of a cabinet/built in or mantle surround, the grid of handrail and balusters, the flooring pattern and light fixtures for the quantity of room space. These are all very important details that shouldn't be left to the last minute or decided under pressure. Details, specifically the millwork, are where ambiance and your personal style come from.

Creating Timeless Style & Character

So how do you integrate personal style, character, elegance, a feeling of timelessness and a generosity of spirit into the fibre of your home? First, decide upon a particular design style that you admire and connect with emotionally; make sure that it is attainable and practical.

The value of choosing a particular era and style as the basis for your home improvement project design is considerable. By linking your decision to a tried and true tradition, you are introducing a much-needed structure to an effort that can otherwise seem erratic, ill conceived and fall victim to passing trend resulting in a feeling of disappointment and poor value for your investment.

Next, start collecting beautiful colours that inspire you, products of natural materials-rich with sensual texture, mouldings with graceful contours, distinctive architectural millwork, elegant window arrangements, gorgeous light fixture styles and placements, and any other sumptuous detail that catches your eye and supports your design style.

Finally, when it comes time to execute a plan, make sure your Contractor is a professional who is sympathetic to your needs, understands quality design and has a wholeness of vision to harmonize the little details you like and want. They will affect the big picture!

Remember that your home is an investment, not only a financial one, but perhaps more importantly, an emotional one as well. This is your sanctuary, your personal retreat. Invest the time, energy and whatever funds you can muster to ensure your home satisfies all of your needs and wishes. Do not neglect your home's spirit to the detriment of your own. Follow Your Heart.

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